United Kingdom ? All hail the queen!

The United Kingdom is as diverse a land as one can imagine, with the south-west being marked by the characteristic rugged shores and a remarkable history, and the south-east being the metropolitan hub of the country (and in some cases, the world) in London. Coming to other parts, the Scottish regions are probably where the true English spirit lies; Southampton and Edinburgh are the fountainhead of art, while the Hebrides islands are the perfect spot for walkers and whiskey lovers.

Southampton: The maritime status of this city has become an essential part of its identity, with more than 240 cruise ships departing from its port on an annual basis. Many call it the cruise capital of Europe, but that’s not all there is to Southampton. There are a multitude of museums, art galleries and provides access via the Hythe Ferry to New Forest from the Isle of Wight, the perfect sojourn for nature lovers.

London: Arguably the world’s ‘most metropolitan city’, London is a kaleidoscope of colours and people of different ethnicities. By spending just one day in the capital of England, a tourist can experience world-class dining options, go the rustic English way in any of the numerous pubs, enjoy shopping for the latest fashion trends, and bargain with market traders on the cobbled backstreets. The architecture in the city makes one feel like travelling into another time zone, one that is centuries old, with the Parliament houses, limestone peaks, black cabs, et al. In short, travelling to the United Kingdom has to include a visit to its capital, for it is where the past blends magically with the present, to pave way for a great future!

Leeds: A vibrant city that is as rich in culture as it is hip and happening for tourists, Leeds is the archetype of British history and culture, and seemingly carries forward a legacy that is replicated by all other towns and cities in the United Kingdom. However, every modern tourist can also have a ball here, with the revival over the past two decades being a striking contrast to the low profile destination was before. For shopping lovers, there are more than five miles of streets exclusively for designer boutiques from the who’s who of the fashion world, so much so that it was given the title of ‘Knightsbridge of the North’ due to its achievement of being the first northern city to get a Harvey Nichols store (an upmarket department store). Further, just like London, there are many pubs, clubs and restaurants in Leeds, along with cultural and sports attractions, and a regenerated canal side area at Brewery Wharf. The corporate scenario too, is second only to London, though that might not be something that interests casual tourists.

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