The Blogging Experience – How Do You Rate As a Writer?

Being prolific as a blog writer is fine. But what you write can say a lot about you. Yes, your content input has got to measure up to the theme or philosophy of the subject that you’re writing.

As a blogger, writing is very much a part of your blogging experience – sometimes you go high and other times you’ll go low. You know what I mean. And writing well is the first step to effective communication with your reader. How you write has got to resonate with your readers and I mean people who visit your site to read your stuff.

Avoid convoluted sentences, keep it snappy, concise and straight to the point. Inject a bit of wittism, make them grin a bit. It’s good to maintain an easy-going, conversational style when it comes to writing a blog post.

Your topic can be diverse but still follow a set pattern of the theme or philosophy. That’s how to maintain focus without going off tangent. Don’t mash about and lose your sense of direction.

Some may not agree but if you want a captured audience you have to deliver the bacon. If people enjoy your writing and the information that you provide, they will probably want to return to your blog again. They may even subscribe to your blog so as to be informed of any new posting.

But there’s more to blogging than just writing good, captivating posts. There are also the ups and downs in blogging.

As a blogger, sometimes you wonder which way you’re heading as you spent hours blogging, losing sleep while increasing your intake of caffeine. If someone who doesn’t understand this ‘blogging madness’ sees you at it, you’ll probably be told to get a life!

When you started out with a new blog, you’re usually on high octane hope…but then, as you plod along, you realize that maybe it isn’t all that enjoyable anymore. You may feel like you have ended up in the wrong alley.

For example, when you don’t see your blog being ordained a Google PR2 or PR3, are you gonna sing the blues? If you are oblivious to what a Google Pagerank is all about, then you can be spared the PR blues.

But if Pagerank means something to you, then you will surely want to work towards that target. How many of us do experience this kind of angst somewhere along the way as a blogger? It’s the same feeling we get when we’re dealing with other projects like your job, hobby or business venture.

For each person, there are always reasons…either to push on or call it a day. Where do you belong? Quit or stick, we all go through the dip.

Are you a winner?

According to author Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip,” winners are the ones with the ability to escape dead ends quickly. They are focused and motivated. They usually bounce back.

To them, a Dip is just a temporary setback. They’ll push on until they break the barrier and go on to better things.

Are you a loser?

The Dip need not be permanent, but to a loser it’s a Cul-de-Sac which will never get better no matter how hard he or she tries. There’s no escape. It’s the moment of truth for the loser. Quitting is the final solution.

“The Dip” should make you sit down for a while to ponder whether you’re in for the long haul no matter what comes in between or you’re gonna throw in the towel in the face of adversity. This could well be the blogging experience that you have to go through once you join the community of bloggers.