Learn English in Ireland

Ireland is an astonishing island country situated in Western Europe with amazing nature beauty and mild climate. It is one of the most dynamic and fast growing places in Europe with rich historical and literature heritage and unique culture. Ireland is a real magnet for people from different nationalities who come here not only to discover and immerse into the authentic Irish lifestyle, but also to work and study on the island. Ireland has traditions in English education and it is a preferable destination for more than 100 000 international students who want to improve their proficiency of the language.

There is a wide variety of schools and courses in different cities in Ireland that provide high quality of education, guaranteeing fast and effective achievement of the learning goals. One of the options for an intensive English course in Ireland is the program for one-to-one tuition. The process of studying happens in the home of the teacher in lovely and friendly atmosphere. It is the most rewarding way of learning English, because the program is designed personally for every student. The teacher monitors the progress of learning every day and keeps the course flexible to suit student’s improvement. Home stay programs are an ideal way for exploring new places and cultures and learning the language in an authentic environment. It gives an excellent preparation for the students for their next level of studying.

Another form for an intensive English course is IELTS Ireland. It is especially eligible for students who aim to study in one of the top universities in the world. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the world’s proven tests that open the doors towards the best universities in more than 120 countries. It requires good knowledge of the fourth language skills, writing, listening, speaking and reading. The results of the test are used for applying in the universities. Ireland has decades of years experience in the successful preparation of students for IELTS.

One of the most famous cities where the courses for IELTS are held is the capital Dublin. It is a university city with youthful spirit and captivating nature. The courses for IELTS include basic English training and specific lessons for preparation for the test. Dublin has a variety of attractions that will make the staying on the island a real adventure for the students. For everyone who is eager to learn more about the remarkable Irish culture, there are cultural classes and sightseeing tours across the country.