How to Improve Your English Skills

After the mid-course break, students were required to write a letter to the main teacher, talking about the independent study they had been doing in the first half of the course, and what they planned to do in the second half. There was no directive to discuss reading habits, but the majority of students included comments on reading. These comments provided an assurance that reading was taking place outside the classroom. Thomas Sabo

In my own time, I always read books and repeat academic words to remember the vocabulary. Everyday I read letter, newspaper and easy book, maybe one hour a day and I memorize twenty words a day. Before sleeping, I always read fiction book which borrow from school. They also provided some evidence that students felt their language proficiency was improving as a result of the course, although students did not necessarily make an explicit link to the extensive reading component.I found that my English skills have improved lots, especially my reading speed and vocab. I did remember that I could only read 50 words per min before, but now I can read much faster. It cause pently [sic] of benefits in my life. Now, I found my English is improve during I study this course. I build vocabulary and my reading skills are better than before, also my writing is improved. I consider general reading is good for me. I want to keep it. (My) … my reading skill is improving so fast. The letters also gave some indication that students had good intentions to increase the amount of reading they did during the second part of the course.

I read and write more English than before in E PP.but I don’t read book home, I will do it in the second half of the course. I will read and write more than the first half of the course. I will read more than first half of the course, improve my reading speed, and under stand the article’s meaning. I will read books, newspaper, and I also can watch TV, especial cartoon, film. I think this is more interesting, and I can learn speaking. Also I still will read news on internet.