25 Great Tools For Bloggers

Being a single mother, business woman, and a part time blogger I value each and every minute of every day. When it comes to writing it’s not always easy to complete what you’re working on as fast as you’d like, I found some tools that will help all of us save some time. Everyone should be able to appreciate a good time saver!

These tools include gadgets for iGoogle and Firefox add-ons that may be useful in saving time for Bloggers.

If you make the move from Google to iGoogle you’ll find it has a Blogger’s treasure trove of tools and applications.

iGoogle gadgets

1. Blogger Dashboard: Allows easy access to the Blogger Dashboard by inserting the ID of your blog extracting links from your group. This is a great way to edit your post, set up or edit your blog directly from your iGoogle.

2. Blogger Post: This one is similar to QuickPress available in WordPress and it allows you to easily create your blog posts form iGoogle Home.

3. Photobucket Gadget: For uploading images to PhotoBucket. The features include:

Uploading pictures from your PC
Browsing your PhotoBucket albums
Getting the image URLs

all these features are available without access to Photobucket.com.

4. Google Reader: This one is great for research and following your Fave Blogs

5. Blogger Buzz: Delivers updates and new features from the Blogger Team.

Firefox Add-ons:

6. Zemanta: This add-on suggests tags, links, pictures, and articles in real-time. This is a huge time savor!

7. ScribeFire: This full featured blog editor integrates with your browser and lets you post directly to your blog.

8. Photobucket Uploader: Is a simple add-on which helps you upload images by right-clicking on an image displayed on any web page and upload it to their Photobucket account.

9. Blogger Toolbar: Is an amazing Blogger Toolbar, which includes a search box, links for direct access to all options available in Blogger DashBoard and “Blog This!”

10. Popular Posts: Highlights your most engaging content.

11. Google Analytics: (or Woopra for newer cool tool) Analyze and gain understanding of your Blog traffic.

12. Crazy Egg: Allows you to see what your visitors or clicking on

13. Outbrain: Allows you to get votes and recommendations from your users.

14. Soda Head or PollDaddy: With these you can engage and get feedback through polls.

15. Contact Form: Allows your visitors to contact you and give feedback.

16. Subscribe to Comments: Helps get more visitors coming back to your Blog.

17. SEOmoz Trifecta Tool: This one is cool, it compares your Blogs popularity with your competitors.

18. Turn on Google Site Search Analysis: Helps you find out what your visitors are looking for.

19. All in One SEO pack: This one is a must, it optimizes your Bog for search engines and helps you get more visits!

20. Share This: This one allows your visitors to share your great content with friends.

21. MyBlogLog: Allows you to add an instant community to your Blog.

22. MyAvatars: Allows your visitors to show their Avatars when they comment on your Blog.

23. What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin: This nifty little plugin gives your first time visitors a personal message.

24. 4Q Survey Tool: Another great way to find out what your visitors think through surveys.

25. Google Website Optimizer Plugin: With this one you can start doing testing on your Blog to improve it.